What if you could harness the destructive power of nature without the heat, the noise, the explosions, the flying debris, the toxic vapors. What if you could call up this power as easy as making a cake? With SYLENTMITE you can.usermethod

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  • Drill holes in the rock to be broken
  • Hole diameter of 1½ - 2 inches (38 – 50 mm)
  • Hole spacing of 8 – 20 inches (200 – 500 mm). Closer together the harder the rock.
  • Hole depth to be 80 - 90 % of the depth of rock.
  • For multiple break lines drill several lines of holes, between 10 and 30 inches (250 and 750 mm) apart. Closer together the harder the rock.
  • Mix SYLENTMITE with cold water into a loose slurry.
  • Mix 1.2 (NOTE THE CHANGE) liters of cold water with TWO 5.5 lb (2 X 2.5 kg) bags of SYLENTMITE.
  • Clean debris from holes with a compressed air line.
  • Allow the rock to cool after drilling holes.
  • Pour SYLENTMITE mixture into the holes.
  • Completely fill the holes ensuring there are no air pockets.
  • Use only the recommended amount of water to avoid Blowouts
  • Cracks in the rock will begin to appear within 90 minutes of filling the holes
  • Fragmentation will be completed within 120 minutes, depending on the hardness of the rock and ambient temperatures
  • The process can be speeded up or slowed down if desired by the addition of an ACCELERATOR or a RETARDER
  • Safe, environmentally friendly and gentle
  • Non explosive, non impact, non flammable
  • No noise, vibrations, flying rocks or toxic vapors
  • No special training, equipment or licenses
  • Clean, efficient, and cost effective.
Sylentmite Packing
Shipping Carton to UN specification, Safe for transport by Road, Sea & Air. Fibreboard Box, 'H' Taped with Armour Tape.
8 Bags of 2.5 KG (5.5 lbs) each, all packed into 1 large Polybag to reduce dusting, a copy of the MSDS Sheet, and User Guide in each box.
Each Inner Bag comes with the CHIPS Label pre-printed for safety.